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How To Maintain your Sword For A Lifetime


Quality Carbon steel swords require some maintenance. The good news is maintenance is relativity easy. Its best to follow general guideline and stick to the basics. Follow the laws below

  1. Avoid the touching blade

Our skin produces lactic acid and when our hands come in contact with a carbon steel blade, the acid can lead the blade to rust. Wipe the blade down after touching. Avoid touching as much as possible.


     2. Oil the Blade Regularly

Frequent oiling the blade every 3 months or after touching the blade is great practice from preventing the blade from rusting. Specialise kits can be purchase for cheap and they generally last for a long time. These maintenance kit generally comes with powder, oil, cloth, brass awl and hammer. The whole process will take no longer than 10minutes. Any machine oil or light mineral oil will also work. Humid climate areas may require oiling the sword more often.


    3. Store the sword in the saya

Dust accumulating over time can damage the sword just like the acid from our hands. Its best to keep the sword inside the Saya when not in use. However, its also best to clean the inside the Saya as moisture can build up inside. Wipe inside and outside the Saya with a clean dry cloth will do the job.

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