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1. Whats so special about Bobs?

2. What techniques can i practice?

3. How Robust is the product?

4. How much space and noise?

5. What to expect?

6. Should you buy? 

What's special about this product?

Okay, lets go ! This is one of the more evolve dummies from CENTURY and arguably the most versatile for practicing striking.  What separates this particular item from other CENTURY's dummies or any other dummies is its unique design in the lower base. Most dummies allows you to strike to the head or torso. But this one is designed with 3 sturdy leg support offering you to practice round kicks. Furthermore, you can choose to add additional support by filling up the bottom fillable legs with sand, etc. Check Pictures for Illustration. 

Height : 6'2, 188cm 

Weight: 7.8 Stones, 110 lbs


What strikes / defence can one practice ? 

Head strikes: Just about every strike. The fully functional head allows you to practice eye gouging, head punches and kicks and clinch. 

Body Hooks: Allows you to practice hooks to the body and solar plex, Although, the dummy's left arm is slightly lower position which complicates right hooks. 

Round kicks to legs:   Practice round kicks outside, inside and groin kicks.  Teeps / Front kicks/ Side kicks will not knock down dummy or damage it.  However, it will not build a advance level practioner shins. 

Trapping: If you want to practice trapping / Wing Chun, this dummy's arms allows you practice some elements of trapping but limited as the arms are not mobile. The arms are also wide stance. 

Defence: On featured websites, it has defence blocking and deflecting blows as a feature quality but dummys do not hit back unlike reflex bags or cobra bags with a spacebar. Theres no object on the dummy that will strike towards / round you.  Evasion such as ducking and weaving and footwork to skip around can be practice to land a kick as there are 3 leg stools attached to the dummy. 

How robust is the product?

CENTURY'S dummies has always been robust due to the thick plastisol that ensures a long lasting durability. Once a dummy is bought, it is unlikely you will need a replacement. 


This particular product is covered with a synesthetic jacket that adds to extra layer of protection from strikes. Will need to zipped up yourself. The bottom legs allows 3 fillable sand bags to provide additional stability. 

How much space and noise ?

You will need some decent space for this product as its around 6'3 tall and around 7.5 stones (110 lbs). The 3 stool legs sticks out and so if you place it anywhere, you need to keep in mind, you will need space for yourself to move around. A garage, front / back yard is preferable rather than a room. 

Strikes to this dummy generate less noise than regular heavy bags. 

Great for any gyms. Will attract anyone to practice on from pros to amateurs to children.   

What to expect?

As one may expect, the packaging is large. Weighing at 110lbs therefore it can be heavy for some individuals. Some assembly is involved. This also means in the future if you wish not to use the dummy, a certain amount of space is required for storage. 


Assembly : You will need to zip the dummy jacket yourself and also place the top half of the dummy on the legged stools. You can add sand / water bottle to fillable bags for additional support. You will have to purchase this yourself. Easy to insert in and easy to remove, particularly if relocating the dummy. 


Bob will come in several parts. which you will have to assemble yourself. 


Place the top half of the dummy onto the legs which you zip across to secure it in place. 


Zip the synesthetic jacket from behind. Differs from most other dummy whose do not have any protection at all.  


Fillable bags is available for additional stability support if required. The bag can then be inserted into pockets tailored as shown.  The recommendation is to use sand. However, water bottles can also work.  Sand will not be provided, you will need to purchase this yourself. 

Should you buy?


1.  Wide range of strikes fitting to almost all striking arts

2. Fillable legs for additional support. Not needed for all. 

3. Can practice kicks below the waist unlike most dummys. 

4. Aesthetic and made with good lasting material. 

5. Relatively easy to assemble. 

6. Beginners practice low round kicks without hurting shins. 


1. Advance Martial Artists may find the legs too soft for their kicks.

2. Heavy for some individuals. May need help to carry. 

3. Require large space for storage if store away.

4. No grappling  



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