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1. Product Features

2. Benefits

3. How to train / advice

Product Features:

  • Includes Eye protection glasses.

  • Velcro, reinforced stitching ball attach to adjustable headband. 

  • Enable to change the elastic string length.



Reflex balls may be one of the more overlooked amongst combat gears. Reflex balls develops timing and eye coordination to reflexes which is arguably the most important aspects to striking and most underrated. Balance your speed and power with timing and fast reflexes. Reflex balls are fun, light and non strenuous on the body.  Relaxes your shoulders particularly in beginners. Enable to train anywhere without taking too much space when store away. 

  • This reflex ball will not hurt your hands. 

How to train / advice:

Put on adjustable headband and adjust the elastic string for desire length. Wear the safety glasses. Hit ball lightly in the beginning to build repetition and comfortability. Practice against a light background so its easier to see as ball rebounds. 

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