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Century  versys VS1 Fight Simulator /Adult & Children Version 

Review Content 

1. Product details

2. Product features

3. Purpose

4. Creative ways of training and benefits

5. V regular bag

6. What to expect /assembly?

7. Should you buy?

Product Details: 

Adult : 65 inches. 110 lbs

Child:  51 inches. 40lbs

Product features:

This product is made out of durable polyurethane / high impact foam. The outside layer material is made out of vinyl construction offering a heavy duty durability.  There is no hanging involve or permanent installation. This bag has a aesthetically pleasing design with black /grey and red offering a sense of professionalism / athleticism and power.


Ideal for practising your striking techniques including take downs, ground and pound. aerobic, endurance and speed. The product's catalogue features ways to practise these exercises. 

Creative ways of training and benefits:

Technical strikes -  Practise your High / low attacks Round kicks, punches, knees and elbows. Bag features handles for knee practice. If your a Muay Thai practitioner and wish to practise your knee strikes similar to  the Thai fighters, this will be perfect for you. However, it will not harden your bones. (more details on this below)

Sit ups - Wrap your legs around the bottom base and use as a core workout tool. 

Ground and Pound - Allows you to take bag off the base to practice take downs and punching, ground and pound. Bag is connected to the base through a zip therefore easily enable to take off. 

Tabata workouts - Get creative with intense high endurance / muscle endurance workouts. 


 Excellent for beginners and Children - Great for beginners who feel heavy bags are intimidating / have hurt their shins or overuse knuckles on heavy bags, etc or perhaps suffering injuries and wish to practise on a lighter/ softer object, this bag will suit you. This product is very suitable children. 

Vs regular heavy bag 

Comparison to regular heavy bags... there is no hanging with freestanding bags therefore freedom of relocating object is desirable. If you want to store product away when not in use, it is relatively easy. This object is much lighter than a regular heavy bag therefore you will not condition your knuckles, shins, knees, elbows. It is purely for technique practise with some strength and conditioning exercises. Bag will sway if you deliver powerful kicks /punches. Object can be taken off the base for take downs and punching downwards, ground and pound. However, what is heavy is the base. The bag features handles at the top great for practising knee drills.

What to expect / assembly?

The bag will need some assembly by zipping on to the base. The base may be heavy for some individuals especially the adult version. 

Should you buy?

Buy if:

- Want low impact object to practise attacks.

- Great for children without hurting themselves.

- Wish to have a multidimensional objects for practising strikes and take downs. /strength and conditioning

- Do not want to drill, mount or any permanent installation. 

Do not buy: 

- Want High impact object to harden your shins

- Prefer drilling or hanging objects

- Experienced Martial Artists/ fighters may find the object too easily swayed when hit or too soft. 



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