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1. Product Features

2. Benefits

3. Difference between other Cobra Bags

4. Creative ways of training and benefits

5. What to expect /Assembly

6. Should you buy?

Product Features:

- Comes with hand gel wrap gloves

- 2 Different size bag head

- Extra weight bag 

- Adjustable Height.  55 / 1.4m  -  67 / 1.7m


Cobra bags develop timing and reflexes which enhances your accuracy and efficiency. Learning to punch a constant moving target will enhance your reaction time for counters and countering back. Practise your attacks then block, slip, snap backs to attack back or use footwork to move around /pivoting. Develop great cardio whilst practising your techniques. 

Kicks can also be practice on this object although those who wish to practise their Thai roundkicks will find kicking through a small object feels awkward because when you kick through, the bag will recoil with your leg and spring right back which hits you if you don't kick fast enough. More suitable kicks are karate or any kicks that land on the foot whilst recoiling the leg back. 

Heavy attack on the bag can move the base, therefore a added extra bag which can be filled with water bottle is available for extra support. This bag has handles which you can use to strength and conditioning workouts such as for heavy squats or attach battle ropes for arm conditioning. 

Difference between other cobra bags 

This bag features two different size bags. Both bags offers different speed. The smaller bag recoil faster. Beginners may wish to practise with the larger bag first then graduate to practising on the smaller bag. 

One key feature is the spring is designed in the middle of the rod rather than at the bottom. This means the whole rod will not move backwards and forwards which many people find too slow. Cobra bags fitted with spring in the middle of the rod will bounce back the bag offering a more realistic and engaging practise to real live fighting or sparring. 


What to expect / Assembly

This product will come in parts so therefore much assembly is needed. However, it is relatively easy with clear instructions from the manual guide. This also means when taken apart, it will take little space if stored away. 

Should you buy?

Cobra bags are designed for Martial artists who has pass the learning of fundamentals and is interested in developing their reflexes to simulate live opponents attacking back. 

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