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1. Product Features

2. How Protective is this Cup?

3. Vs Other Groin Guards

4. Excerpt

Product Info:

MMA compression short design for high impact sports - Great for MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Jiujutsu. Designed for superior comfort. Comes in S, M, L, XL, XXL. 

You can take out cup out and just wear the shorts when cup is not needed. Easily slip in the cup into the inside tailored cup pocket. 

How protective is this Cup ?  ... Material and Design:

 Vs Other groin guards:


The outer blue material is made of co-molded elastomer (Natural rubbers).  Which offers you comfort.  It will not grind or edge against your groin. It offers maximum comfort. 

The core of the cup is made of polycarbonate, a type of plastic material. Polycarbonates are strong, tough materials with high impact strength. Any direct blows towards the cup will not transfer pain to the user. 

Spacious room on the inside of the cup and the edges do not edge or grind against you therefore there is No irritation or slippage. 


There is an inside tailored pocket to insert the cup. You do not need to wear this compression shorts with the cup when not needed. The cup is very easy to insert in. The drawstring straps offers a custom fit. 

VS Other Groin Guards:

Similar design - Beware of other groin guards with cups made from shoddy plastic or weak products that do not offer real protection. The edges can grind against your groin when you kick or roll around. 

Boxing groin guards- These are great for boxers. However, if you practise kicking or roll on the ground, you may find these guards restrictive. 



I have inserted Diamond MMA groin guard without the compression shorts as not everybody prefers to wear them.  More suited to striking sports.

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