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Review Content 

1. Product Features

2. Benefits & Vs Other shin pads

3. Should you Buy

Product Features:

- Elastic cotton material

- Padding on shin and instep 

- Velcro strap for secure strapping 

- Can stretch to fit custom size

- Comfort and light

Benefits & VS Other Shin Pads

Light padding shin pads offers you great freedom to move around and for you to kick more freely without feeling weighted down. However, this also means sparring should be done lightly, as crushing or landing kicks can hurt those with shins that aren't conditioned or if kicks are thrown with too much force. The instep padding offers additional protection to the foot. 

Overall, these are great for light sparring, easy to slip in and out. These shin pads will not totally protect your shin bones so sparring intensity needs to be varied. You will feel the blows more than the thicker shin pads,  although this also means shins are more likely to gradually develop conditioning with these type of pads.

Should You Buy:

Depending on the intensity of sparring, some may choose the more thicker padding shin pads. Buy this type of shin pads if you don't want to sacrifice mobility. 

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